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    Hi There

    Just found this forum.

    I am on ALG II and would like to look for a Job. I am not sure what sort of work i can do anymore due to psychological changes \ episodes so I would like to stay in the ALG II system as a backbone support whilst i took on a part-time job which i believe i can keep 20% if it is under 800 euro. Where can i find jobs that allow/accomodate for persons who are on ALG II and looking for a second income so as not to lose the support on ALG II. I am trying to get some more money and see what sort of job i could possibly do now following the episodes which have changed my life.

    Is there or are there places i can search for such job offers

    Ich kann Deutsch sprechen und verstehen aber ich habe nicht schreiben gelernt. ich bin ein Englander und in Deutchland seit 11-12 jahre.

    Thank you/ Vielen Dank